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About Us

Mithela Textile Industries Limited under Mithela Group is has been acknowledged by United States Green Building Council (USGBC) in the year 2018 forsolid dyeing wovenfabrics without polluting the environment. Hence, we have received one of the most prestigious certificate any factory could get and that is – the ‘LEED Platinum certificate’. Apart from showing some love to the nature, we have considered providing utmost comfort and care to our employees.

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Kinds of Business We Are Into

We produce high-quality fabrics, dye woven textiles, and also print fabrics.

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We come up with new designs

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We fabricate unique and individual collection for our clients

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We make sure that our production keeps the nature unharmed

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We Are a LEED Certified Company

Mithela Textile Industries Limited has received the prestigious LEED Certification in the year 2018 from United States Green Building Council (USGBC) for taking an initiative to produce textiles without hampering the nature. The yarns, chemicals and dyes that we use are thoroughly tested before utilization, which makes our products sustainable. In fact, our factory is surrounded by a green patch of land that is rare to be seen anywhere else in Bangladesh.

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Our Wide Range of Products Include

Finishing Facilities of Woven Garments

Variety of Fabric Weaves

Combination Fabrics

Dye woven fabric materials

Design Customization

About us

Mithela Group is always commited with their clients

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