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Producing Sustainable Fabrics, Dyeing & Finishing

Winning the LEED Certificate is definitely a wondrous achievement. After all, our workplace, its surroundings, and our work culture have been acknowledged by the greatest United States Green Building Council (USGBC). But, we feel that apart from this prestigious certificate, our biggest achievement is to penetrate the minds of certain brands and people who believe that sustainable fashion is important. Our dyed and woven textiles are one of the best in the world, and we can vouch for our quality without a second thought.

  • Specialized the variety of Fabric Weave

    We are world’s first LEED Platinum-certified Green Industry in (solid dyed fabric) and, we also excel at fabricating a specialized variety of Fabric Weave that includes – Canvas, Voile, Matt Weave, Twill, Rib Stop, Poplin, Herringbone, Bedford Cord, Calico, and various kinds of Dobby Optic fabrics. These fabrics are one of the most exquisite ones in the market, and only a handful of factories fabricate it amongst which, we are the best. Also, the yarns of these fabrics are purchased by only a few renowned brands. Not all need them for designing garments and also, money is a factor. Since these materials fall under the ‘exquisite’ category, hence, they are comparatively pricy.
    • All the above-mentioned woven materials are sustainable as we extract all the toxins out via a few technologically advanced machines imported from countries like Germany and Japan.
    • We also recover the caustic soda through our Caustic Recovery Plant (CRP). In fact, MTIL is proud to claim that we recover at least 90% of the caustic soda, which is a rare phenomenon.
  • Composition Variation Textiles

    Mithela Textiles Industries Limited also produces yarns of fabrics that are made by the composition variation process. Fabrics that fall under this category are - Cotton, Cotton-Poly-Stretch, Cotton-Tencel, Cotton-linen, Cotton-Modal, Cotton-Viscose, Lyocell/Tencel, Viscose, and Cotton-Viscose. These fabrics are more likely to fall under the “Comfy fabric” category as they are super comfortable, and most garments like – sportswear, shirts, formal pants, etc are tailored using this variant of fabric.
    • Textiles made of composition variation are sustainable as well. In fact, they are mostly used by all the brands that support and promote sustainable fashion. If your brand is up for a classy collection of sustainable clothes, then get in touch with us today.
    • Fabrics that fall under this category are the “most wanted” ones - reason being, the comfort factor.
    • They not super expensive but very classy.
  • Solid Dyeing

    Dyeing is one of the major works we do in our factory, and this is the one domain that has helped us win the LEED Certificate. Whether it’s denim or any other woven fabric, we can effortlessly dye them. Our dyeing unit is packed with state-of-the-art machines that dye fabrics really well, and the quality of the dye is also excellent. We make sure the dyes we use are detoxified prior to using. So we basically touch the sustainability factor here again.
    • Our dyeing unit has got the ability to dye 5 Million Yards of woven fabrics per month.
    • We use the latest machinery for dyeing fabrics that include - Monfongs & Benninger for Continuous Dyeing Machine, Osthoff Singeing Machine, KUSTER Continuous Bleaching, Goller for Mercerizer, etc, all imported from GERMANY. So, you can very well understand how the dyeing quality is; after all, it’s done as per German Technology.
    • The dyeing unit is designed for the following things – Reactive, Pigment, Pigment dyeing on reactive, VAT, and Disperse dyeing.
  • Fabric Printing

    Printing a wide variety of woven fabric materials is yet another domain that our textile industry covers. Whether it’s stripped, abstract or floral prints, we can do it all according to your requirements. And be rest assured, our printing quality is extremely good; you wouldn’t regret giving us this task.
    • The textile printing section that we have is configured with technologically advanced printing machines. For instance, we have got the latest Laser Engraving Technology SPG Printer imported from Europe.
    • Our high-tech printing machines can produce around 3 Million yards of printed fabrics ever month.
    • The kind of printing we can do is as follows - Reactive, Pigment, Disperse, Discharge, and many more.
  • Finishing facilities

    Our industry also provides finishing facilities for already woven fabric material. Some of the facilities we provide include - Carbon Peach, Wrinkle Free, Teflon Finish, Advance Teflon, Teflon with Wrinkle-free, Water Repellent, Anti-Bacterial, Paper Touch, Easy Care, and last but not the least, Suede Soft. We are proud to boast that only a few textile factories have the capability and capacity to do all of these above-mentioned fabric finishes.
    • For us, doing these fabric finishes is a cakewalk because we have a huge and highly-experienced team of professionals working on the same.
    • Along with having a reliable and efficient team, we have all the latest machines to work on it, which makes the work super fast.
    • The process we use for finishing is also harmless to the environment.
Mithela Textile Industries Limited

We value our planet, we value our employee, we value our customers.

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